Kristina & Ian

Here’s to more adventurous photography!

About a month or so ago, Noah’s brother, Ian, and his lovely wife Kristina approached me to help them photograph their soon-to-be-family of 4 (including the puper!) – I couldn’t have been more honored!

With the rest of the family tagging along, we set out to Titlow Beach in Tacoma, which was just a couple of minutes from their house. Thankfully, we weren’t dumped on by the looming clouds in the distance and even got a bit of sun (!!).




Noah the honorary puppy wrangler/wind breaker assistant.

DSC_0088DSC_0125DSC_0264DSC_0140DSC_0148DSC_0156DSC_9938DSC_0178DSC_0185DSC_0269DSC_0277DSC_9978DSC_9880DSC_9873Mr. Steal-yo-girl coming through



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