Sheen & Co.


I met Sheen last year in a Honors class that, to lightly put, we both weren’t huge fans of. And as it usually goes with the quarter system, we got to know each briefly, but quickly went our separate ways once the 10 weeks were done. Alas, she was looking for a photographer for her graduation party, and voila, we were reunited! With that, I was lucky enough to meet a great handful of her closest friends and relatives, who made me feel more like an old friend than a standard photographer.

Thank you to the Dudwadkar family and friends for feeding me the entire night, expanding my taste in Bollywood music, and for being all around the best party crew. Not to forget, a big thanks to Woodinville Lavender Farms for maintaining such a beautiful space.

Congrats once again Sheen! You’re going to make big moves in San Fran šŸ™‚




DSC_3578DSC_3374DSC_3394 (1)DSC_3503DSC_3419





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