Once Again, Huskies Claim the Pac-12 Title

For the third time in four years, Huskies claim the Pac-12 title after beating the UCLA Bruins in 4 tight sets last night. What a way to begin the weekend!

This was my second time shooting volleyball for The Daily – UW’s student newspaper, and sadly, my last time for this season.

My first game vs. Stanford 2 months ago was… lets settle at a very steep learning curve. Having never shot sports before, handled a telephoto lens, nor used a Canon body, I felt like a fish out of water as I navigated the sidelines awkwardly dodging out of the way of pre-teen ball girls, media photographers and TV videographers. Never mind getting ‘the shot’, I was just trying to get around.

But HOLY CRAP I am so much happier with the way my photos have turned out this second round.

As uncomfortable, anxious and excited you might be about being thrown into an unknown environment where you’re expected to return with results, I urge you to let the noise, crowds, excitement and ‘newness’ of your first experience overwhelm you. Not to the point where you won’t get results, but who knows when the stadium lights will lose their shine and that ‘newness’ that made your stomach turn as you walked out of the stadium tunnel disappear. There’s still so much to learn; And I hope I continue to put myself in new situations and never ‘settle’ to do work that’s easier for the sake of it being ‘easy’.

Once again, congratulations to the Huskies for their win and hope everyone has a grand weekend 🙂