PictureOne of the conceptual images I created from the workshop, thanks to Matheus and Rob for the help!


Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. Gotham. The Melting Pot. 

New York is equally a city loved and hated with an impossible spectrum of arguments to go with both sides. Personally, I quickly took to the grittiness, cobblestones, soaring buildings and shaking grounds with immediate liking as it somewhat reminded me of Bangkok in a North American setting (even though yes, there are substantial and many many many differences between the two).
As time tends to do, this past week has been such a blur. But it must have all started somewhere, and for me, reality sunk in when Joel and Sarah picked me up from JFK. It was crazy to think that my photo internship with the Wild Ones Photography Tour (something I had been waiting for several months), had finally began and sure enough, it exceeded and bounded past all expectations 🙂


Shooting – Day 1 (Central Park)

  • Met all the other workshop photographers/models in Central park where dance battles in the Park were the center of it all
  • Broke the ice with the fiercely violent Ninja game, which I actually ended up winning #asiangenes
  • Joel and Sarah instructed a couple of a sample shots with our lovely models and explained to us the different processes they go through while arranging a photo
  • Situated ourselves in a nice open park area substantially big enough for all 15+ of us to roam about
  • Ran around with odd props of all kinds (swords, butterflies, giant suitcases, etc.) and shot for 5 hours, trying new conceptual ideas/asking questions
  • Wrapped the day up with parting hugs and smiles

Editing – Day 2 (Office Building)

  • Shane, Joel and Sarah gave a brief overview as to what the Wild Ones workshop truly is, how it began, etc.

o  What photography means to each of them and how their styles differ

  • Presentation about:

o  Tips on printing, media platforms, copyright infringement
o   Benefits of social networking
o   101 basics on copyright infringement and why you never want to be in such a position

  • They sample edited and allowed us to see their personal editing styles
  • We had about 1 ½ hours to edit our own photos with their help
  • Had an emotional and bittersweet goodbye to everyone as they left!

Over the next couple of days, I was able to hang out with the Wild Ones (Joel, Sarah, Shane) along with the lovely Lulu and a couple of our new friends from the workshop. While we visited iconic NYC monuments including the 9/11 memorial, battery park, Times Square and Central park, one of my favorite parts was seeing friendships form so easily in the span of three days.
As for now, I’m still roaming about NYC and would much rather spend my time overlooking the Hudson River than staring at a computer screen, so I’ve tried to limit my time spent on technology. So  the next blog post will be more in depth about my time with the Wild Ones and a wrap up to the rest of my NYC adventures!

Enjoy your weekend and get outside while you still can!


Another day in the life of a conceptual photographer

A wonderful person: Lulu Lovering

Another conceptual shot taken on the first day of the workshop. Featuring Shane Black, one of my favorite photographers who I finally got to meet!

Mother sends her love

She missed us. I was nicknamed Chubby Moon for a legitimate reason.